I started using Shopify when I wanted to break away from my day job back in 2009 (sound familiar?). It was the best ecommerce website builder platform that I found then, and I still haven't found any better! I now have 10 Shopify stores myself (greedy, I know!) and have helped hundred's of other people to launch their own stores. In fact, that's one of the things that most of my clients appreciate about working with me - I don't just build websites for other people, I also build and run my own stores. This gives me the unique ability to help you setup your Shopify store and also advise on the best way to launch and run your business in the long-term.

I'm a Shopify Setup Expert (that means I'm listed as an expert in the Shopify Directory), have a number of 5-star reviews and genuinely care about my clients. If I can help then I will. I'm also always happy to give you my advice where I can, even if you're not yet a client of mine. 

So, what next? If you're unsure where to start then fill out the enquiry form here. If you already have a strong idea about what you need you can drop me a line to discuss your project (for full store builds).