Magento Go & ProStores Shutting Down - Are You Prepared?

The recent news that eBay is shutting down 2 of its Magento products has come as a bitter blow to small to medium sized businesses that have been using the platform. For those that have built their online presence using either Magento Go or ProStores are now faced with the prospect of having to uproot and find an alternative. Luckily Shopify and Shopify StartUp are here to help! Shopify are well placed to help enable your migration across to their ecommerce platform, with the following features:

  • a free 14-day Shopify trial
  • a free migration tool
  • a 10% discount on your monthly plan if you sign up by July 31st

Here at Shopify StartUp we'd also like to go a stage further and offer any current Magento customers a 20% discount on their Setup fees if you book that service using us. Not only do we build great stores but we also work closely with all of our clients to ensure that they're completely confident with how to manage and run their stores before letting go of the reins. Plus, we're always available to help as and when required. 

If you're interested in migrating across to the Shopify platform then please get in touch click here